Mission Statements

      From start to finish, we extend our concern with quality far beyond what meets the eye. Nothing is too small to escape our attention. Planning, scheduling manpower or equipment, assuring compliance with contracts and schedules, administering the budget...We stay on top of whatever task is at hand.  And quality is what our reputation and your project are built upon.

Our Vision

We strive to create long-term relations with our customers, which in turn, generate profitable growth and stability for the company, employees, vendors as well as our valued customers.

·     About Us

We are
in the business of security, providing premium results, to our valued customers who expect and reward outstanding value from our products and services. We are pioneers in providing our service in the Egyptian market to ensure 24/7 secured homes.
Beyond, the impressive Group of expertise providing Impressive results through our professional and vast experience in different fields (Security, Safety, Audit, Fraud Investigations, Architecture and Legal consultancy). In addition to our ability and contacts if needed to collaborate with active law enforcement departments as Ex-Police Officers who are experienced in Anti Terrorism, VIP Protection and Professional Investigations.


Our Goals

We differentiate ourselves from competitors companies through focusing on our customers’ NEEDS.
Deliver higher quality & benchmarked products, knowledge, delivery, and attitude.
Value customers that appreciate the quality and support that we strive to provide.
We ensure stability for all critical parties who make BEYOND Services & Contracting an outstanding company.
One of our main objectives is to keep satisfied customers, vendors, and employees for the life of our company.

We take pride in being the best value proposition

Thank you for your interest, To receive information on any of our Services or if you have questions or inquiries

Please contact us.
Address: 13 Cornish El Nile,
Malaco Tower 6th floor, villa Maadi.
Telephone: 02 27514166
Mobile: 011 1010 6160 - 012 105 66667

E-mail: info@beyond.ws                                            Click on the map to zoom in