State of the Art Home Security Equipments:

BEYOND brings Egypt state-of-the-art home security systems for homes of all sizes, including burglar alarms, carbon monoxide, water flood, motion and smoke detectors that are both easy to use and almost no damages to
your house will be mentioned, as we use wireless equipments to maintain the highest standards of professional installation without almost “Zero” damages to your walls. BEYOND also provides
uninterrupted, 24-hour Security Alert services, highly trained and experienced security professionals that are on-hand at all times to keep a close watch over families, homes and valued possessions.
Using one of the best Security Central Monitoring Stations System all over the world, BEYOND is capable to provide our valued customers a 24/7 monitoring of any alarms that blinks from any of your home zones (according to the American product’s panels that is in use, any house
can be divided into multiple zones to allow having any zone armed with the intrusion system, while another zone is disarmed as it is in use by the house owners), identifying your premises details (address, location, owners contact information, type of alarm and which zone in the house).

  Once an alarm is reported to our central control room, our well trained supervisors in the Central Station contact the house and try to verify the safe code with the owners, if failed or false code is given over the phone, the central room contacts the nearest Police Station to the reported house and start conducting a follow up with that Police station to ensure actions taken and update the owners. By participating in BEYOND 24/7 monitoring services, you will buy the peace of mind and will never be worried about your family, premises or valuables in your home and leave the rest in our safe hands to look after it. BEYOND understands that every family is unique, with differing lifestyles and budgets, as well as home and family sizes.

Each installation includes:
State-of-the-art security system equipment, including highly advanced,
    yet extremely easy-to-use home security keypad, providing peace of

Attentive, highly experienced security professionals that are always
    available to help keep families and homes safe and secure at all times.

Custom designed security systems installed by skilled home security
    professionals to fit the specific security needs of every home, budget and

It is now easier to keep homes and families safe and secure whether they are at home or traveling. With BEYOND 24-hour Security Alert Center and home security alarm systems, customers and their family can sit back and relax. BEYOND will work with each customer to design a customized home security alarm system to meet their individual needs and budget. BEYOND provides everything customers need from basic anti-burglar alarm protection systems and fire safety alarm systems to sophisticated “all-in-one” safety protection systems. Egypt’s home security is always a high priority for BEYOND. BEYOND can help protect homes better.

Our home security alarm system provides:
Advanced Burglary Protection.
Water overflow and flood alarm systems.
Fire Detector and alarm system.
Smoke/Heat Detectors and alarm system.
Carbon Monoxide Detector and alarm system.
Control and monitor almost any device or appliance.

Advanced Burglar Protection

BEYOND can design an anti-burglar system customized for every business needs, which is easy to expand and upgrade.  

Features of BEYOND anti-burglar system include:
Customized Interior and Perimeter Protection.
Advanced Installation and Operating Technologies.
Identification of Exact Point of Alarm.
Smoke/Heat Detectors and alarm system.
Partitioning Capabilities.
Reliable Wireless Products.
Remote Service Capability.
Easy to Expand and Upgrade Fire Protection system.

Fire protection
security is necessary to protect families and their valuable assets from the destructive force of fire.