Carbon Monoxide Protection

BEYOND can design an anti-burglar system customized for every business needs, which is easy to expand and upgrade.  

Flooding Protection Systems

To prevent accidental water damage, BEYOND’s certified water Flooding Protection Systems To prevent accidental water damage,
BEYOND’s certified water flow and flooding systems report to the Security Alert Center team whenever water is detected. Sensors can
notify the Security Alert Center of uprising water in the home, whether it’s from a broken pipe, an overflowing washer or an external source

Home Security Equipment

Utilizing advanced, state-of-the-art home security equipment, BEYOND Security experts personalize each home alarm system to help meet the unique home security needs of every individual family and home.

An experienced BEYOND Security professional will customize the security system by selecting the home security equipment and other features that will work best for each home and budget.              


Alarm System Keypad:
BEYOND Security equipment and system monthly fees vary based on the size of each home and the specific system features chosen to be installed.


Key Pad Token
Allows you to turn the security system in your home on/off once you put it close to the key pad instead of entering the security code.

Door or Window Sensors
Triggers the burglar alarm if a secured door or window is opened while the home security system is armed.
(Please ask for different types, shapes & usage of the Door/ Window intrusion sensors)


Interior Siren (3way sound)
Sounds a piercing 95-decibel alarm that lets intruders and the protected family know that the home security system has been triggered. (Please ask for different types, shapes & usage of the Interior Sirens)

Master Control Panel
Contains the processor that transmits home security alert information to the BEYOND’s Security Alert center. For even greater security, the master control panel also operates with an enclosed back-up battery in case of a power failure.Using our value added panels, you can control your house/ villa’s electricity connectivity remotely using a unique code that you can enter from your mobile or land line

Smoke/Heat Detector
Detects smoke or unusually high temperature and sounds an alarm to warn the family of a possible fire while alerting BEYOND Security to notify assistance. (Please ask for different types & shapes of Smoke/ Heat Detectors)


Motion Detector
Monitors open areas of each home, triggered by movement and body heat. (Please ask for different types & shapes of Motion Detectors)

Carbon Monoxide Detector
Detects dangerous levels of carbon monoxide and sounds an alarm to warn the family of the possible danger while alerting BEYOND Security Monitoring Station to send assistance. (Please ask for different types & shapes of Carbon monoxide Detectors)

Flex Sensors
A combination glass break detector and window sensor, the flex switch detects the sound of breaking glass and if a door or window has been opened, notifying the family as well as the BEYOND Security Alert centers of the situation.


Glass break Detector
The glass break detector triggers the home security system upon detecting the sound of breaking glass, while ignoring the everyday sounds of thunderstorms, telephones and other common loud noises in and around the house. (Please ask for different types & shapes of Glass Break Detectors)

Heat Sensor
The heat sensor is designed for use where smoke detection is not desired. It detects dangerously high temperatures and triggers the alarm to alert the family, while automatically notifying BEYOND Security to call for assistance.

IP Cameras
Allows you monitoring your house, entrances & exits remotely from anywhere in the world using an internet browser. You can even monitor it from your mobile phone