We can deter fraud resulting from irresponsible, anonymous activities, embezzlements, wrong doings and misuse of power resulting in financial losses to organizations/ individuals. This service is carried by experienced & well trained fraud investigators who are qualified by the Association of the Certified Fraud Examiners in United States of America who prepare a complete case, with all required attestations, statements & evidences to help in litigation procedures.

-    We offer Fraud investigations & interviews whether on an assignment or on contract basis, especially to financial corporation.

-    Our  expertise in this field possess a long & vast experience in financial, commercial & retail criminal acts detection and designing Fraud prevention measures/ controls to be embedded in within the work flow of our customers procedures.

-    Our Investigations Division is comprised of former Police Detectives, utilizing their knowledge, experience, and tactics. Our team can investigate complex criminal matters in an effort to solve your case.

-    Our Detectives have the ability to apply the same investigative techniques that law enforcement agencies use and now can offer these services to the private sector.

-     We have the ability and contacts if needed to collaborate with active law enforcement departments.